Your Options with Unlocking the Spectrum

Your Options with Unlocking the Spectrum

Unlocking The Spectrum is often contacted by families who are in need of ABA therapy for their child, but for any number of reasons, are unable to receive services—perhaps their health insurance policy through their employer does not cover ABA therapy or, perhaps they are not currently employed and their child is covered only by Medicaid. Through the typical Medicaid programs, ABA is not a covered therapy. Many ABA providers, when faced with these options, have just told the families “We’re Sorry” — and leaving families to find options on their own for services.

As someone who has totally devoted her career to serving those on the autism spectrum, Ilana could not just walk away from these families. As a result, she has pulled together resources and information to give families options and information on how to help their child receive the services which they need and deserve.

One such option is to have the family purchase a private insurance policy which covers the ABA therapy. While this seems an unthinkable expense to many, Ilana has researched many ways to make it more affordable. Recently a family whose employer’s insurance policy did not provide ABA therapy as a covered service. Like many, they are considered a middle income family, but they were absolutely adamant about getting their son ABA therapy. Once they received the quote for the private insurance policy the family was pleased to find that the cost was something that they could afford and their child is now receiving ABA at UTS.

Additionally, Unlocking The Spectrum maintains a list of additional funding and grant opportunities which families can pursue to get financial assistance, either for medical supplies, assistive learning technology, expenses or additional funding for therapy. We are continually researching information about additional grant and funding opportunities to pass on to our client families so we invite you to pass along any opportunities to ensure that our list is current and up-to-date.

If you or someone you know is in need of ABA therapy but does not currently have insurance and would like information regarding these options, we invite you to give us a call.