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Sensory-Friendly Halloween Tips For Children Diagnosed With Autism

Halloween is an exciting time for many children but for those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Halloween can create challenges or apprehension. Making a family plan ahead of time can relieve some stress for you and your child. To help you navigate the Halloween...


Autism Friendly Fall Activities To Do At Home

Although many fall plans have changed this year due to the pandemic, we wanted to provide you with a few fun sensory-friendly activities your child can enjoy from home. Have fun! 1. Paint and decorate pumpkins Pumpkins are a major symbol of fall and carving them...


Autism-Friendly Tips and At Home Advice for the Fourth of July

Independence Day is a great way to celebrate with family and friends, but we understand this holiday can cause some stress on families with children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Many times there are loud fireworks, bright lights in the sky and music to...