Frequently Asked Questions

My child was just diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Now what?

What is ABA?

Which areas does Unlocking The Spectrum services?

Why use ABA instead of another approach for treating autism?

How do I choose an ABA Provider?

What is a BCBA/BCaBA?

Is ABA only for people with autism?

How much does ABA therapy cost?

I don't want my child to spend all day sitting at a table working, isn't that what ABA therapy is?

At what age does ABA Therapy stop working?

At times my child will become aggressive towards others or attempt to injure themself. Can ABA therapy help with this? Is Unlocking The Spectrum prepared to deal with this?

Community outings are a struggle with my child. Can you help with this?

My child is ahead of grade level when it comes to academics, but has a lot of trouble with social interactions and has some behaviors that are impeding their ability to participate in a general education setting. Can you help?


Outside Indianapolis


Why Unlocking The Spectrum?

  • Our professional therapists undergo continual education and training to ensure that your child receives the most effective therapy possible.
  • We come to you! Unlike some ABA therapy centers where you have to bring your child to the center on a daily basis, we specialize in bringing the therapy to you--in your home and in your community.
  • We'll work with you to obtain insurance coverage for ABA therapy.
  • We're here to answer your questions, anytime.

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