About Us

Unlocking The Spectrum was created with the mission of making ABA Therapy accessible to ALL children with autism by providing the highest quality ABA Therapy services to areas of need throughout Indiana.

Ilana Hernandez, MA, BCBA is the Founder and Director of Unlocking The Spectrum. Ilana grew up in Bloomington and first began working with children who had special needs while in college at Indiana University. Working at a group home for children with autism, Ilana realized that there had to be a way to more effectively help the children she cared so deeply about. She began researching and discovered Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy.

Research, conducted over the past 40 years, has shown ABA Therapy to be the most effective treatment for children with autism. In fact, ABA therapy is the only therapy endorsed by the Surgeon General as an effective treatment for autism.

At Unlocking The Spectrum, we believe that an effective ABA program is an essential component in allowing children with autism to reach their maximum potential.


Outside Indianapolis


Why Unlocking The Spectrum?

  • Our professional therapists undergo continual education and training to ensure that your child receives the most effective therapy possible.
  • We come to you! Unlike some ABA therapy centers where you have to bring your child to the center on a daily basis, we specialize in bringing the therapy to you--in your home and in your community.
  • We'll work with you to obtain insurance coverage for ABA therapy.
  • We're here to answer your questions, anytime.

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